Help and Support

Q. How much do you pay out in Rewards?

A. You will receive exactly 50% of the $25 dollar registration fee which is $12.50 USD, for every successful friend you refer that signs up to the experiment. There is no limit to what you can earn - We would love for you to get your $25 registration fee back, but if you introduce 100 people we will gladly pay for each one that has used your link.


Q. When do you pay the Rewards out?


A. The system is set to automatically pay you every 30 days from the date your friend purchased using your link. For example: someone signs up for the experiment using your link on the 1st of October; the money would then be deposited into your paypal account on the 30th of October 


Q. Can I use my own reward link?

A. You personally cannot register for the experiment using your own link however, you can have family members register using your Rewards link.

If you have registered for the rewards and not for the experiment, you will NOT receive rewards - you must be an active participant in this experiment to gain rewards.


Q. What happens if my friend signs up not using my link, but I recommended them?


A. You MUST make sure all your friends use YOUR LINK, otherwise we will be unable to pay out on that referal. This is non-negotiable, and part of our terms and conditions of our rewards program. 


Q. Who is running this experiment?


A. Joanna Hunter, Student of metaphysical Science completing her doctorate in Metaphysical Science. Joanna is a spiritual life and business coach, published author and the Owner of Joanna Hunter Media LTD.  You can learn more about her here


Q. How long will my link be tracked for?


A. Your rewards link will have a 6 month cookie before it expires. We work off 'last cookie' which means if you were the last person to share your link with someone it will be your link that we pay out on.  


Q. Can I really make my money back?


A.  Yes! what's more it's super simple!

  1. Register for our Rewards program
  2. Get just two friends to join you by sharing your special link
  3. We will pay you $12.50 for every person that joins the experiment using your link
  4. The more people you get to join the experiment, the more you can earn!
  5. You have 4 months in which to earn an affiliate fee, up until 31st of Dec 2020

Q. What are your Rewards Terms and Conditions? 


A.  You can read our terms and conditions for rewards here: 


Q. Where do I login to my affiliate rewards account?


A.  You need to access your affiliate rewards account via ThriveCart. Click below.


Q. How do I connect my Business PayPal Account?


A. To connect your Business PayPal account you first need to login to your affiliate rewards account. Once you are logged in, click on PRODUCTS and you should see My Million Dollar Experiment, then click on VIEW and then click on SET UP PAYPAL NOW.


Q. Why haven't I received any emails after signing up for the affiliate rewards programme.


A. If you haven't received any emails the chances are you have made a spelling mistake in your email address that you entered. You will need to create a new rewards account with the correct email address but you will not be able to use the same unique affiliate ID.


Q. Can I change the email address I used to create my affiliate rewards account?


A. Yes. Once you have created your affiliates rewards account, you can login using the button below, click on the profile icon in the top right and select MY PROFILE. Here you can change any information except your affiliate ID.


Q. Can I change my unique affiliate ID?


A. Yes. To do this you need to contact ThriveCart directly. This is the only way to change the ID. You need to email - and include a copy of your support code from your profile along with confirmation that you are aware changing your affiliate ID will break any existing affiliate links you have shared and any existing visitors to your links won't be credited for sales unless they revisit the new affiliate link (once changed). You need to provide ~3 IDs in order of preference as they have to be unique across the platform so if your first choice is taken, the ThriveCart team can try the next choice from your list.

If your question is not answered here then please contact We will reply within 48hours, mon-fri, 9am-5pm uk time.