Public Statement - 13th Jan 2021 

I received this email last night about the experiment and I wish to address this head-on:

This is my response: - 

The My Million Dollar Experiment is a year-long Metaphysical mindset & intuition experiment.

So far the experiment officially contains, as of 13th Jan 2021: -

- Facebook Group
- 1 Launch Party Video
- The My Million Dollar Experiment Book
- The My Million Dollar Plan
- 5 Lab notes
- 2 Podcast episodes 

-Content due: 
-early access weekly podcast episodes (-52 episodes in total) 
-a new lab note each week until the experiment end on 31st Dec 2021 (Making a total of 55 Lab notes)
- 3 More surveys will be gathered, one each quarter. 

The My Million Dollar Experiment is a year-long mindset experiment. 

The fee of $25 was an administration fee to help my team and I run the experiment, which in my humble opinion was beyond generous for what I have offered by being a participant. 

I will make no apologies to running a metaphysical experiment with an entrepreneurial element to it. Nowhere did we state it was ‘create a million dollar year by osmosis’ or ‘magic it out of thin air.’ We promised a step by step plan, a book, podcasts and lab notes, and we have delivered on all these so far and will continue to deliver what we have promised. Asking others to be entrepreneurial while not doing it myself would be out of alignment.  

Nor will I apologise for running my own spiritual business while running this experiment. I am an entrepreneur and a student of metaphysical science. I have, from day one, been upfront about this and I feel that it is in integrity and alignment with the experiment as I am asking others to be entrepreneurial too.

The videos that I believe this email to be referencing are the BONUS Infinite Possibilities (IP) calls. We created a separate pop-up Facebook group which required a separate opt-in or request to join in order to get on my main mailing list for these live calls/videos. We have had many 100’s of comments on how much people have positively shifted their energy during these 5 days of videos.

Access to these videos was also given in the main My Million Dollar Experiment Group as a BONUS - they are clearly marked as a #BONUS and I repeatedly stated that they were optional. However, we will definitely reconsider sharing any future training that are part of opt-ins with the main group as bonuses in the future, even if I believe they may benefit the group.

Nowhere have I stated that you must watch the bonus classes, in fact, I have clearly stated on several occasions that they are totally optional. For the Infinite Possibilities (IP) 5 day masterclass, I genuinely believe that the content I delivered would complement the book and the essence of the experiment - a feeling that seems to be echoed by the majority of people commenting on the videos.  

The Infinite Possibilities (IP) masterclasses was an opportunity to learn from me at a deeper level, for free, and learn more about my programmes.  I clearly state in the intention of the IP masterclass that I would teach the class and then you would get to learn more about my work. I state this at 3.13 on the very first IP video. Throughout the videos I am upfront on what will happen in the classes.

I have always invited people to work with me further in this way, by giving people the ability to experience me first-hand, followed by learning about my programmes, in which they can make a personal choice to join or not. 

As for switch and bait marketing tactics - it is not something I engage in, it is a dishonest practice that I feel aggrieved being accusing off, since it’s also a fraudulent practice. 
Wiki defines this practice as: - 

Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud used in retail sales but also employed in other contexts. First, customers are "baited" by merchants' advertising products or services at a low price, but when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods are not available, or the customers are pressured by salespeople to consider similar, but higher-priced items ("switching"). "

I have not switched anything. I have delivered what I promised, plus given bonuses which clearly were not appreciated by the author of the above email or her group which she references. What I have done is offer opportunities to work with me further and I have been fully upfront in all of this in the optional, bonus videos that have, on many occasions, statements about them being OPTIONAL, all of which is in integrity with me, as I know I have given massive value to what has already been delivered.

Before you pay the administration fee of $25, everyone is required to tick the box to confirm that they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. It clearly states we offer no refunds on the administration fee. This fee covers the cost of my team and resources to on-board people. After the initial sign up period ended on 3rd Jan 2021, we increased the price to $250 until the end of January, and we were again very upfront about this on our website and on social media.  

There is not much I can say to someone who has clearly made up their mind on what they feel is their reality, however it is my hope that I have demonstrated in this open email, my repeated integrity and up-front honesty. I will however apologies to anyone who misunderstood my intentions in the free IP masterclass even though I feel I stated these intentions clearly on the very first video and throughout the five days.

My reason for making this public is that I don’t hide in the shadows or shy away from the difficult conversations in life, I hold the people in my world to the same standard of personal responsibility and personal leadership that I hold myself to.

Finally, on a personal note, I do not appreciate threats. I firmly believe that we create the reality we see, and it is interesting that the author of this email and her group have chosen to see a reality of deception, where things can turn ugly, when the majority of participants who watched the launch party video and read the book and have felt shifted by the energy of my free, optional, bonus classes and can now see a new reality for themselves, full of possibilities. I would suggest that the gift in this for the emails author, as an individual, would be to explore the disappointment, the clear resentment you have towards me, the experiment and for me running my business. Take ownership of those emotions as perhaps they are the real metaphysical reason behind what is blocking abundance for you which created the desire to join a Million Dollar Experiment in the first place.

In alignment, integrity and up front honesty always,