About Us

Meet Joanna Hunter - She is a spiritual life and business coach, entrepreneur and student of Metaphysical Science, currently completing her doctorate and will be taking lead on this experiment.

 Mindset and intuition is Joanna's passion, and so she's conducting this experiment to hopefully show the world how it can change peoples lives.

You can learn more about her here - www.joannahunter.com

My Million Dollar Experiment is one of the most exciting social experiments of the century. This is an opportunity to participate in a giant social mindset and intuition experiment, to see if mindset and intuition can impact global wealth.

Meet The Team


Paul is the tech guru over at My Million Dollar Experiment.


Leanne handles all My Million Dollar Experiment social media alongside Joanna.  


Ellen is our email specialist, admin assistant and customer service angel.


Jen is our chief video editor and 'Girl Friday'  from graphics to customer support.

About the Experiment:

The aims of the experiment are to create a global shift in wealth consciousness by asking the question:  can mindset and intuition training plus a million dollar plan create millionaires?   

How will the information gathered be used?

Joanna Hunter, the founder and creator of the My Million Dollar Experiment will use the data collected via typeform, as anecdotal evidence for part of her dissertation for her doctorate in Metaphysical Science. Joanna also has plans for a second book to share stories and results of the lives that have been changed as a result of the experiment, and also wishes to write papers on the experiment. 

What University is Joanna Registered with?

Joanna has been studying her Bachelors and Master Degrees with the University of Metaphysics since 2018 and her Doctorate will be with the University of Sedona. Joanna has hopes to graduate in April 2022. The University of Metaphysics was Joanna's choice for these qualifications as they are well established in the fields of metaphysics and have run courses on the subject since 1959.  It's important to note that the University of Metaphysics, University of Sedona and Joanna Hunter or her company Joanna Hunter Media LTD are not affiliated in any other sense other than that Joanna is registered as a student with these organisations. The My Million Dollar Experiment is 100% lead by Joanna Hunter and her business Joanna Hunter Media LTD.