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Can mindset help you create a Million Dollars in 1 year?

Have you ever wondered what it would take to make a million dollars in one year?

What if I told you it was simpler than it looked?

As a participant, you will be given our simple step by step million dollar plan for YOU to make a million dollars with no special skills. We will provide you with the mindset tools and intuition training, to help you make your millions.

We are asking the question - can mindset & intuition affect your wealth?

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Aims of the Experiment

We can all agree that the world is a very different place today than it was a couple of years ago. Could we ever have imagined how much would change in our world in such a short time? 

As a student of metaphysical science, a branch of science and philosophy that seeks to understand the world beyond the physical world, we see change as the world's only true constant.

The aim of this experience is to take a willing group of people (that's you) and teach YOU a million dollar plan,  giving you mindset tools, group support to achieve it, and by holding the space for you to
create an extraordinary conscious change in your life,
in just ONE year! 

Can an ordinary person create an extraordinary change in their life using consciousness?

Included in your registration: 

The Million Dollar Plan

The experience starts for you on the day you sign up. On that day you will be given a million dollar plan, access to mindset and intuition training and online support.

Learn From

Top mindset experts in the world - hear them share their top mindset tips, stories of creating a million dollar mindset and how they overcame mindset obstacles via our The Million Dollar Lab Podcast episodes. 

Global Community 

We have created an exciting global Facebook mindset community just for participants to share the experience.

My Million Dollar Experiment Book 

You will be given access to the, "My Million Dollar Experiment" book PDF. A paperback version is also available to buy on Amazon CLICK HERE.

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4 Easy Steps to Join the Experience:


Step One: Registration

This is your invite to register for the The Million Dollar Experience! This is year-long container, starting on the day you register.


Step Two: Confirmation

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Step Three: Join our Online Community

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Step Four: Join our Affiliate Rewards Programme (optional)

Become one of our affiliates and every time you sell The Million Dollar Experience to someone, we will pay you $125 as a thank you for spreading the word.

This experience requires active participation by you to help YOU achieve a million dollar year!

Together we will be answering the question - Can consciousness create wealth?

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  • You get the Million Dollar Step by Step Plan as soon as you sign up.
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  • 52 podcast episodes featuring inspirational speakers and real millionaires
  •  PDF copy of the 'My Million Dollar Experiment' Book
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Ok, I've signed up, now what do I do?

A. Great question. The Million Dollar Experience is a SELF-LEAD experiment. We provide you will all the information you need, the My Million Dollar Experiment book, weekly LabNotes to read and Podcasts to watch, and a Facebook Group to share your journey and ask questions in. It's up to you to absorb the content, follow the plan and do the work, we are not going to spoon feed you...you're not a baby!

Q. Who is running this experiment?

A. Joanna Hunter is running this experience. She is a Student of Metaphysical Science, currently completing her doctorate. Joanna is a spiritual life and business coach living in the Magical Highlands of Scotland.  You can learn more about her here - www.joannahunter.com

Q. Could I really make a million dollars following this plan?

A. The plan is very simple and easy to follow but in full upfront disclosure, results are not guaranteed. Worst case scenario, you join, spend a year upgrading your mindset and intution resulting in you feeling great about your life but make no extra money. Best case scenario, you pay $250 and spend a year upgrading your mindset and intuition, resulting in you feeling great about your life and making a million dollars- Yippee! But you have to do the work, inside and out.

Q. What is the affiliate rewards programme?

A. The affiliate rewards programme is totally optional. Once you have completed the separate registration for the affilite rewards programme, you will be asked to create a unique name that you will then use as your own link that you can share with other people. If any of those people buy the experience using your link, then we will pay you $125 for each person that joins. There is no limit to how many people you can get to join. We have decidied to do it this way, rather than spend thousands of dollars on advertising. You can do the advertising for us and we will pay you for each person you get to sign up.

Q. Is this a Pyramid scheme?

A. No, there are no ancient monuments here. It's quite simple, you create your affiliate link and send it to your friends, family, mailing list etc, if they decide to join, then we pay you $125 for each person who signs up, that's it! There are no multiple levels of income, sales targets or secret handshakes, just a one-off $125 for each person you get to join and you don't even have to become an affiliate to take part in the experiment, it's totally up to you. Affiliate payments are paid to you 30 days after the sale and you must have a Business PayPal account so we can pay you.

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme nor is it wealth by osmosis. 

This Experience requires YOUR active participation.